For Fiat Chrysler Automobile as manufacturer of the Dodge and RAM models, the quality and safety of his vehicles is of course paramount. By regularly checking all components, the manufacturer guarantees that both safety-relevant and other technical components of his vehicles are in perfect condition. If a possible defect is detected, the manufacturer accomplish so-called Recalls in order to be able to continue to guarantee high-quality and safe vehicles..

As an authorized importer of Dodge and RAM vehicles for the European market, the safety of our customers and their families is AEC's top priority. We are always committed to providing reliable and durable vehicles.

Your trust in the Dodge and RAM brands as well as in our services is our highest priority. Our authorized dealer network enable to inform yourself about Recalls and is able to fix an open Recall.

Our AEC Service Team will be happy to answer your questions about callbacks by phone at +49 89 215 46 25 0 or by email at

The information you can request on this website is provided by FCA US LLC. AEC accepts no liability for the correctness and up-to-dateness of the displayed information as AEC is not the original publisher. The information is obtained from an external source, hosted by FCA US LLC. If you have purchased a vehicle through the AEC network of dealers, you may call our recall support center to receive further information regarding the recall status of your vehicle.

You can enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the following search field to check whether your vehicle is affected by an open recall by the manufacturer. Please enter the complete VIN of your vehicle in the search field and click on "Search".

Results on this website were last updated on: July 16, 2020

(The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), can be found on your sales agreement, vehicle registration documents, or alternatively on the vehicle in the lower corner of your windscreen on the outside of the driver's side.)

If your vehicle is affected by an open Recall, please contact your next dealer. Your dealer is authorized to check the Recall of your vehicle and, if necessary, to overhaul it. The manufacturer take over the costs of repair and parts. Click here to find your next dealer.